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      I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder over 6 years ago and am now in “remission” thanks to Dr. Banyas. After being diagnosed, I tried several combinations of medications before my mood was stable. When I met Dr. Banyas, I was taking 4 medications and still had suicidal ideation when I was stressed. Although I was grateful that the medication existed (because I never wanted to experience the life wrecking consequences of hypomania again) I was open to alternative methods because I believed in the power of nutrition. Dr. Banyas guided me through decreasing my medications with the help of micronutrients and the suicidal ideation went away! I am now off all medications, have a stable mood, and even have less general anxiety than before my diagnosis. I never thought this would be possible and am so grateful to have found Dr Banyas.What I like most about her is the fact that she listens to me and goes at my pace - educating and empowering me along the way. My restored sense of hope in life is something I never thought I would have again and owe all to her.

      - Karen S.

      As a client of Dr. Carol Banyas, my mental health, vitality and aliveness have dramatically improved, along with my quality of life.

      Her presence and keen insight are sustained by strength, empathy, courage, and an innate power. 

      She has discerned that the core of mental health is determined by the environment in which the neurons live - that the health of the gut, which is lined by neurons cells, directly influences the health of the brain. To this end, she prescribes nutrients that support a robust microbiome - and clarity, aliveness, and emotional balance. This has been my experience.

      I am in deep gratitude for Dr. Banyas’s gift of returning my life force and ability to manifest more than my dreams. She has given me hope and triumph!

      - Resilient Overcomer

      I want to express my gratitude and deep appreciation to Dr. Banyas and all the services she provides. She has been everything I could have ever asked for in a doctor during a huge transitional time in my life. Her guidance, special care and healing have opened up a breath of new light and life within me. I, for the first time in so, so long feel confident and ready to live again; embracing life and the gifts I have to share with the world. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      - Emma, Pengrove CA

      I am almost 63 and have been on bio-identical hormones using the Wiley Protocol for over 5 yrs. Dr. Carol Banyas has been my anti-aging physician this whole time. Dr. Banyas is knowledgeable about hormone replacement therapy and my husband and I both appreciate her expertise. The Wiley Protocol and bio identical hormones have drastically changed my life for the better. I feel better at 62 than I did at 42. My brain works better and I am so healthy and strong. Before hormones I would work out and my muscles would not respond. Now I have the body of a much younger woman. I feel more centered, grounded, and attractive than I have in my whole life. Not to mention my libido has awaken after many years of actually dreading intimacy with my wonderful husband. We are so happy now and with these bio-identical hormones we know we have decades of fun to come.My two younger sisters 54 yrs. and 58 yrs. and our husbands are all on the Wiley Protocol. Everybody is happy and Dr. Banyas is our physician. Thank you Dr. Banyas

      - Lauren, Livermore CA

      For the past 10 years I have been a patient of Dr. Banyas. Prior to working with her, I had been hospitalized for acute and chronic depression along with the inability to sleep. In addition, I refused to take the medication prescribed to me by the physicians at the hospital, as I had previously battled an addiction to Valium. Unlike the doctors at the hospital (who thought that I had depression and nothing more) Dr. Banyas immediately and correctly diagnosed me with Bipolar Disorder Type 1. She explained things to me in ways I had not understood before and began treatment. She knew I would refuse any drugs that might be addicting but explained to me for the first time what was wrong with me and how it could be treated. Her approach was so comforting, I immediately trusted her unlike any physician I had known in the past. She believes that the patient should understand every detail of their illness, as well as the treatments she prescribes. Her solution to my problem was not easy -nor was it simple, but that did not stop her. She is not just a Psychiatrist, she is an amazing woman-a true healer in every way. Dr. Banyas began various treatments at once. She explained to me that no one thing would work, but a combination of therapies. I was so afraid of doctors and drugs that Dr. Banyas had a tough time with me, but she didn't give up, like many doctors had. Recognizing at once that I couldn't heal at all without sleep, she prescribed a drug that was very mild, but one that would begin the process of healing my sleep-deprived brain. Bipolar disorder is treatable and she was the first doctor to explain it to me and offered HOPE-something I had not had before. It is now 2013 and it has taken me many years but I am happy to say I have a normal life now- but she isn't finished. She won't rest until I am 100% cured, or close to it. Bipolar people have a chemical deficiency in the brain that is really horrible, but with supplementation of vitamins and amino acids, Dr. Banyas is replenishing my system with the building blocks of brain tissue-offering it a new chance to heal itself. I cannot thank her enough. I'm so lucky that she is my doctor!

      - Stacey, Sausalito CA

      More than ten years ago, while working as a psychiatric nurse, I worked alongside Dr Banyas - A psychiatrist who always took the road less traveled. When it came time for me to find a physician for my own mental health, I wanted someone who would not simply attempt to treat symptoms with a medication; so I knew she would be the right choice. Fourteen years later and she is still my trusted mental health physician. Her intuitive practice and expertise in integrative medicine has always made me feel like my needs were understood. Today many years later I'm looking and feeling great! I made the right decision choosing Dr. Banyas.

      - Brenda, Austin TX

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