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      An exerpt written by Dr. Banyas, featured in Chapter 5 of “The Heart of Healing”

      The Higher Self as Ultimate Physician  

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      "As we go through painful experiences in our lives, we naturally try not to feel the pain - this begins in childhood. We cut off the pain by withdrawing our consciousness from that particular area of the body. We cut off emotional pain by repressing it into the unconscious. However, the energy that contains the physical and emotional pain also contains other, positive, aspects. Thus, by stopping the pain and anguish, we also stop the positive experiences. We then become unaware of the deeper aspects of our present experiences, and stop the creative process.
      Each time we stop the flow of energy during a painful event, the event becomes frozen in that time and created an energy block. This block is termed frozen energy or frozen consciousness. That part of the psyche associated with the event is arrested in its development, and does not mature as the body ages. It continues to remain locked at the age the event occurred until it is healed by getting energy into that block to begin the maturation process.
      Like attracts like. The frozen energies often have a similar pattern of energetic makeup in different people. Often, they are centered on a particular theme. In Rochelle’s case, fear of death, abandonment of responsibility for herself, and abandonment of family were clearly repeated in experiences throughout this lifetime. These themes are unconsciously held in the individual’s belief system and in their energy field. A person will often re-create similar life experiences as the soul seeks to bring the dark aspects of the past to light.
      The energy field does not exist in a linear time/space continuum. Unresolved issues from past lives are held frozen in time in the energy field. They are then attracted to similar patterns reflected in this lifetime, causing present-day psychological and physical pain.
      During healing, as the traumas from this life are cleared, the frozen aspects from other times are released. In such releases, a person may experience the entire life-stage during which the old trauma occurred as if it were happening in present time. Also, when traumas from this life are cleared, related past life traumas may reveal themselves for the purpose of healing, especially if they have the same energetic resonance pattern. The individual is then able to clear similar current life circumstances that other types of traditional therapy cannot touch. This type of work is extremely effective in thoroughly transforming an individual’s life.... "

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