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      "If the head and body are to be well, you must begin by curing the soul" - Plato Center for Integrated Health Danville CA

      We are more than our physical bodies. We are spiritual beings experiencing an earth journey involving joy, love, pain, trials and tribulations and at times imbalances and illness. We are the sum of our emotions and thoughts, intertwined with our spirit, which holds the key to unlocking the natural healing abilities we all possess. True healing involves a balancing of mind, body, emotions and spirit. It's often not enough to just give supplements and limit the focus to just the physical imbalance. Discovering the origin of a physical illness or imbalance often involves an unwinding of traumas and painful life experiences that caused the body to deviate from its natural state of wellbeing. Humanity is now beginning to re-remember that we all have the ability to heal ourselves so we can ultimately evolve and experience true health and transformation.

      Meet the Doctor

      Carol Banyas, M.D., Ph.D.<br />Integrative Psychiatrist

      Carol Banyas, M.D., Ph.D.
      Integrative Psychiatrist

      Dr. Banyas is a physician, psychiatrist, teacher and healer. She has dedicated her career to integrating the modalities of Traditional, Eastern and Functional Medicine with newer techniques that cater to natural healing, longevity, and resilience.

      Dr. Banyas received a B.A. from Boston University. She subsequently obtained her M.D. from the American University of the Caribbean, British West Indies and completed clinical training at the University of Sydney Australia. She then completed her residency training at Harbor UCLA in Psychiatry and a fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry at the Neuropsychiatric Institute of UCLA where her research focused on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease.

      After completing her medical training, Dr. Banyas received a Ph.D. in Healing Science from the New Mexico Theological Seminary in conjunction with her studies at "The Victoria Merkel Center for Energy Medicine" in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. She co-created the Healing Science Research Program for the healing school and served as a teacher and staff member.

      Dr. Banyas then received AMA PRA Level 4 certification in Age Management through The Cenegenics Education and research Foundation and the Foundation for Care Management.

      Dr. Banyas was the Medical Director of Geriatric Psychiatry for Herrick Alta Bates Medical Center, Oakland, CA. and Summit Medical Center, Oakland, CA.  She was on faculty at California Pacific Medical Center, SF, CA as part of the Psychiatric Resident Training Program and also served as Director of Geriatric Psychiatry and Consultation-Liaison Services.  In addition, Dr. Banyas has extensive experience as a staff psychiatrist in the California Department of Corrections and as a consultant for HIV clinic services in Oakland, CA.

      She lectures and give workshops on topics including psychiatry, nutritional supplementation and energy medicine. She has authored and co-authored book chapters in medical text books on "Geriatric Depression" and "The Origins of the Frontal Lobes of the Brain." She has also published numerous articles on medication management in Geriatric Psychiatry.

      In addition, she has co-authored a chapter in The Heart of Healing - Inspired Ideas. Wisdom and Comfort from Today's Leading Voices; "The Higher Self as Ultimate Physician," with leaders, notably Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Larry Dossey and Dean Ornish, in the fields of complementary medicine.

      She continues to explore and expand new frontiers into the cause and treatment of disease on an energetic level in combination with natural medicine, nutraceutical supplementation, homeopathics and bio-identical hormone replacement in her private practice. Dr. Banyas utilizes her specialized credentials to listen, educate and provide true healing by teaching everyone how to optimize health and prevent and/or eliminate disease, restore vitality and to tap into their body's dynamic ability to heal itself.

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